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Urge Lawmakers to Oppose
All Efforts to Keep T42 in Place | 05.20.22

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Anti-immigrant lawmakers are trying to pass legislation to indefinitely restrict asylum.

Tell @insertsenator to fiercely defend the human right to asylum and oppose Title 42.

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Title 42 has had a devastating impact on people seeking safety in the U.S.

Tell @InsertSenator to fiercely oppose legislation to keep it in place, and lead the fight to restore asylum.

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The future of asylum and countless human lives are at stake.

Tell @insertsenator not to sit on the sidelines, and boldly defend human rights.


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Anti-immigrant lawmakers use fear mongering and racist terminology to argue that the U.S. can’t  screen asylum seekers.

Their scapegoating of Black and Brown immigrants is reckless and dangerous. 

Tell @insertsenator to boldly oppose all shameful efforts to keep Title 42 in place. 

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U.S. law guarantees the right to seek asylum, and prohibits sending people to places they will be persecuted or tortured.

The misuse of Title 42 has decimated that right and sent thousands of people into danger. 


@insertsenator, please defend asylum and oppose extending Title 42.

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@inssertsenator Thousands of people expelled under Title 42 have been kidnapped, tortured, and raped. 

Please oppose legislation to keep Title 42 in place and fight to restore the human right to asylum.


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